I write about food, history, travel, and freelancing.

Hi folks, I’m Lara.

I’ve been a freelancer of one stripe or another for most of my adult life. These days, the bulk of my living comes from writing. I’m a pretty flexible generalist who does everything from ghostwritten business books to web content to paranormal romance novellas.

I love…

Do these things in advance to weather the storm and its aftermath more comfortably.

Strained power grids and unpredictable weather can leave you with the lights out for days at a time. This past winter, severe storms left over 4.5 million homes and businesses in Texas without power, often for days on end. …

Cooking stuffing in your turkey cuts an awkward holiday dinner short (with salmonella).

Every year in cooking groups, the same conversation pops up: do you call it stuffing or dressing? What’s the difference.

While the general consensus this year was that the names are either regional or interchangeable, there was a vocal minority who dissented.

One poster commented:

Stuffing goes IN the bird…

Lara Manetta

Writer, reader, sailor.

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