I write about food, history, travel, and freelancing.

Photo credit: Lara Manetta

You don’t need to spend money on a coworking space

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Learn linking, formatting, tags, SEO, and more for Medium

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All the Basics

Go home again to see it for the first time.

Star tattoo on ankle
Photo taken by the author.

The taboo against discussing salary isn’t for your benefit

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Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Why it’s so hard to declutter and minimize.

Pile of junk that includes cell phones, pens, and knickknacks.
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Cut food waste while getting a nutritious, homemade dinner done quick

Two bowls of salmon chowder
Hot, fast salmon chowder | Photo credit: Lara Manetta

Follows — Get your mind out of the gutter, jeez.

Follow me sign viewed through window.
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We’re all here in service of someone else: the reader

Go to Gilbert’s Resort for Keys’ atmosphere without the drive

A Quick Jump From the Mainland

Lara Manetta

Writer, reader, sailor.

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