Album 6/100 — Kate Bush “Hounds of Love”

Lara Manetta
2 min readJun 9, 2022

I’m one of today’s Lucky 10,000

Credit: XKCD

(Note: this is unedited and bloggish, but it fits my mood.)

Of course I’d heard of Kate Bush, but until today, I only knew a couple of her songs.

At 48, I came of age before music ran like water from a faucet.

You could find new things on the radio, but it sucked to be you if they didn’t give the artist or song name. MTV was a pay channel in my area, so I didn’t have that resource. And, 11-year-old me was weird and shy with solitary impulses, so there were no peers to give me recommendations.

Music was also expensive to acquire back in those days. I agonized for days before risking $12 on a Bangles album. I only knew one single, and if I didn’t like the other songs, I was stuck.

So, a lot of music that many friends my age consider the soundtrack of their youth just wasn’t in the background of mine.

With Kate Bush all over my friends’ timelines right now, this seems like the perfect time to seal up some holes in my experiences.

I’m about halfway through, and already have a standout favorite, Cloudbusting.

I’ve heard a lot of comparisons between Tori Amos and Kate Bush, and I can see a bit of where that is coming from. Bush’s music is more electronic/pop oriented, but the song structures and lyrics are very clearly among Tori’s influences. As a huge Tori Amos fan, I am not upset about this.

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