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Kalimotxo Is the Cure for Bad Wine

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Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

We’ve all done it — taken a chance on a cheap red wine and wound up with something less than awesome. Spanish wine drinkers came up with a counterintuitive solution, that I swear to you is surprisingly delicious.

What’s in a Kalimoxto?

This wine-based cocktail has just two ingredients: chilled red wine and Coca-cola. These two ingredients produce a beverage with a taste like a spiced sangria.

Usually, the drink is a one-to-one mix of wine and Coke, but you can add more wine or more soda if you want. Drink as is, or doll it up with a slice of orange or a few pieces of fruit in the glass.

Where Did Kalimoxto Come From?

The drink was invented by Basque-region servers in the 1970s, reportedly to cover up the taste of bad red wine at a festival.

The servers used what they had on hand, and wound up with an instant hit.

How Do You Say “Kalimoxto?”

It’s pronounced “call-ee-mo-cho.” (Incidentally, you’ll also see the name written as “Calimocho.”)

What’s the Best Wine for Kalimoxto?

Dry wines work best; any sweet red will wind up too cloying when mixed with cola.

Don’t waste a good wine on this. If you’d drink it on its own, don’t put it in Kalimoxto. But, if you have a Two-Buck Chuck that’s undrinkable on its own, or a supermarket clearance that’s corked? Mix away.



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