Women on Hookup Apps Going Full Lysistrata Over Abortion Rights

Don’t be surprised if the girl you match with tells you she’s taking a break from hookups.

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A poster on Reddit’s r/tinder sub shared a message that he found perplexing. He said hello to a woman he matched with and got this response:

Heyy, I would like to continue this conversation when I don’t feel that my reproductive rights are in danger. I hope you understand that I am not interested in hookups or even relationships at this point. You did nothing and in the future when I am interested, I’d like to see where this would go.

The confused OP responded, “you could just delete your Tinder LMAO” then promptly shared with the sub.

A lot of guys accused her of wanting attention and validation. Others said that it’d be more effective if she went out and protested. Only a few seemed to get that this is a protest.

Going Lysistrata

In the Greek play Lysistrata, the women of several Greek citystates are getting tired of the chaos caused by the Peloponnesian War. Led by Lysistrata, the women band together and make a pledge: no sex until peace is declared.

There’s been a call for a similar sex strike in the wake of news that Roe vs Wade is likely to be overturned. And really, when you think of it, this is even more on point than the war was. Unplanned pregnancies come from penetrative sex between XX and XY folks. It’s not unreasonable for the people who will bear the brunt of this law to consider jumping out of the dating pool altogether.

Abortion Is Not a Women’s Issue

Lots of commenters on the Reddit thread asked why this guy should care about this random woman and why she’s dropping out of dating.

What they don’t get is that this attitude is what’s fueling a growing sex strike among single women. I see posts on Medium daily from women who have decided that they no longer wish to date cis-men. And, an attitude that treats abortion as something that only women need to be concerned about is only going to accelerate that trend.

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